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Running for Haiti

Show your support and give


All gifts go to helping those living in Haiti.

The Race


Donn talks with students at the school in Terre Blanche about running marathons around the world.

Donn Raymond and Carrie Petersen – two of our regular volunteers to Haiti – will be running the Let’s Go Haiti Marathon in February 2017, and they are asking you to show your support by donating to Haiti Foundation of Hope.

Let’s Go Haiti Marathon has been an annual race since 2013 with a mission to “inspire hope in Haiti and contribute in particular to Haitian women and girls’ well being, all the while offering the world the opportunity to see Haiti in a light other than NEED!”

The marathon will take runners – local athletes and visitors to Haiti – 26.2 miles through the capitol city of Port-au-Prince. During the race and weekend events, runners will get to experience Haiti in a new way.

The marathon organizers say it best: “Haiti is good. Haiti is worth a lot. Let’s Go Haiti Marathon wants people to believe that.” Learn more about Let’s Go Haiti Marathon.

Two of the Runners

Two of the runners – Donn and Carrie – are running the marathon to raise support for Haiti Foundation of Hope.

Donn lives in Oregon and is a seasoned international marathoner. He’s a retired pharmacist and has been traveling on volunteer medical teams with Haiti Foundation of Hope in recent years. He loves to run in the hills above the Clinic of Hope and on the surrounding dust and dirt roads, waving to neighbors along the way.


Carrie taking a break during the work day.

Carrie is a San Diego resident (and an Oregonian at heart) who regularly runs half marathons. This will be her second full marathon. Carrie has been traveling to Haiti since she was a kid and has been a volunteer with Haiti Foundation of Hope for about 10 years, traveling on volunteer work teams and assisting with communications efforts back home. Carrie will be sharing her experience on her Facebook page.

How to Help

Donn and Carrie are asking you to show your support of their participation in the Let’s Go Haiti Marathon by donating a financial gift to Haiti Foundation of Hope.

They’ll do all the hard work – running, cross training, sweating, hurting, early mornings, and endless miles – but they are asking you to join this adventure by giving to help the people of Haiti.

A gift of any amount will make a difference. Donn and Carrie will be paying their own way so any gift you make will go directly to helping people in Haiti.

Would you consider donating a dollar per mile? That’s just $26.20. Or maybe a dollar per mile each month through February? Marathons are all about endurance after all. Or perhaps you can give more. You can make an online tax-deductible donation of any amount directly to Haiti Foundation of Hope.


Thank you for making a difference.

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