Saturday Morning Music

May 2, 2016

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Photo Mar 10, 3 46 44 AMBy Katie Thom, HFH board member and member of the March team:

I have mentioned in years past that one of my favorite moments on these adventures is on Friday evening when we arrive in Terre Blanche. The journey has been long and we are exhausted and relieved to have our travel complete, surrounded by the beauty of the Haitian countryside and smelling Elvire’s culinary wonders that await us.

The community of servant leaders, who live and work in Terre Blanche, greet us warmly and I hear a familiar hymn in the Creole language as Madame Elius praises God for our safe arrival.

This year, due to flight delays in New York and arriving to Terre Blanche after dark, Madame Elius was not there to sing her greeting. I went to bed a little bit sad, but anticipated seeing (and hearing) my friend in church on Sunday. Saturday morning arrived and our team was given a beautiful sunrise on the rooftop and a fresh view of the growing community of Terre Blanche.

As I walked around the roof to see familiar sights and wonder at all the change … I heard a sound that made my heart giddy. I followed it to the northeast side of the clinic roof. From the this vantage point, you can see the church roof, Madame Mishu’s “neighborhood” and the valley where the river trickles through the mountains.

The sound was coming from the church. It was unmistakably Madame Elius! The acoustics of the church’s concrete walls and tin roof resonated to the rooftop. As the sun rose over the mountains and flooded the valley where Terre Blanche grows, Madame Elius’ strong, pleading and faith-filled praises flooded my heart and the heart of the Father who sees and who knows and who overcomes. It was glorious!

What a privilege it continues to be … to return to Terre Blanche, to see its growth, to feel its warmth (literally and relationally), to once again visit a place where HOPE changes everything.

Thank you for your prayers and your generous giving.

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