We fund primary school education, supplement staff salaries, subsidize secondary education, and…

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We support a permanent medical clinic, collaborate on a clean water project,…

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community health

We empower the communities we support to increase their education, health, and…

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economic development

We provide adult education, resources and local employment to support self-sufficiency.

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Throughout the year we send medical teams to rural Northern Haiti to…

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Get Involved

Make a Difference.

Join a Team

Haiti Foundation of Hope sends approximately four medical teams to rural northern Haiti each year. Both medical and non-medical people are needed. Learn more.


The work of Haiti Foundation of Hope cannot continue without financial support. Any donation amount will help. One-time gifts and regular contributions are welcome. You can give to wherever the need is the greatest or to a project of your choosing. Funds are needed to support students, teachers, medical staff and ongoing projects. Donate now.


Remember those living and working in Haiti. Life there is unstable and can be dangerous. Remember the Haitians who join teams from the United States and work side-by-side to help those in need. Keep in mind the ongoing projects of Haiti Foundation of Hope, the community of Terre Blanche and the other communities in northern Haiti.

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