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Markee Legacy Project

The Story of Hope

Posted March 2022

Legacy Project Chosen

The HFH board, Joe and Linda Markee and the Medical Committee in Terre Blanche have decided on the Markee Legacy Project: We are excited to announce a Maternity Center will be established to honor the Markee’s legacy. In Terre Blanche, the Clinic of Hope Annex will be enlarged and repurposed to create a Maternity Center to provide healthcare for pregnant women.

Here are a few reasons why a Maternity Center:

The Markee Legacy Project fund is accepting donations now. We will continue to share information as this project develops.

Posted April 2021

Faithful Founders

Joe and Linda Markee are the faithful founders of Haiti Foundation of Hope. In recent years, they have trained other leaders so they could step off the board and into new roles as Founder Emeriti. They remain part of HFH.

With the Markees role change, HFH enters into a new chapter and each board member has taken on more leadership and responsibilities. The board has been working on a new strategic plan that centers on our core values as we move forward into this next chapter.

The board is working to create a future legacy project to honor Joe and Linda and their faithfulness. Begin praying if God would have you be a part of this project. We will keep you updated as we have information.

Posted February 2021

Moving Forward into 2021:

We hope you have had a chance to view the Revisioning videos we posted in November 2020 (see videos below). The videos highlight some of the issues that have prompted us to ask foundational questions of our board: the political unrest in Haiti over the past few years; Joe and Linda Markee’s transition into founder emeritus roles; and the impact of COVID-19 (both here and in Haiti).

The main question is “what will the next chapter of Haiti Foundation of Hope look like?” This question will not be answered overnight but we desire to keep our partners informed as we move forward. We want to take a moment and let you know where we have been and to let you know what we are pursuing as we enter into the next chapter of HFH.

The past 6 months:  Haiti Foundation of Hope has a strong history of providing hope to our Haitian friends and partners in Terre Blanche. HFH continues to strengthen that base as we participate in the amazing work God has planned. As HFH enters into the next chapter, each board member has taken on more leadership and strengthened their roles and responsibilities. HFH is starting 2021 strong.

Markee legacy project:  God has used the faithfulness and dedication of Joe and Linda Markee to change the lives of many people in Haiti and here. In the near future, we seek to honor them by completing a project in their name. The HFH board of directors is praying for wisdom for such a project and will keep you informed as things become clear. Please join us in praying for wisdom in how we can best honor Joe and Linda. The board also asks that you begin praying if God would have you be a part of this project.

The next 6 months:  There are six core values that drive the ministry of HFH: Committed to Christ, Participatory Learning, Local Ownership, Relationships, Integrity and Sustainability. The board is using these core values to create a strategic plan for the next chapter of ministry in Terre Blanche. One example is determining what future teams to Haiti look like. Typically, we send four to five medical teams to Haiti each year. Due to civil unrest in Haiti, all teams in 2019 and 2020 were canceled. As the Clinic of Hope thrives under Haitian leadership, should our future teams continue to be only medical teams or do we participate in different areas? This is one example of the many decisions the board needs to make.

What we know now:

Pray for the HFH board as we work on the strategic plan for our next chapter. God is on the move and it is our desire to seek Him for wisdom and join Him in what He is doing.

Posted November 2020

The year 2020 has been full of challenges and changes and Haiti Foundation of Hope is no exception. These challenges have caused us to ask big questions about what Haiti Foundation of Hope will look like in the future. Some things have become clear while other questions the Lord has yet to answer. Regardless, the Lord has been faithful to lead us well during this challenging season and we are excited about what He is going to do.

To help tell this story of hope, we have produced a series of videos.

The Story of Hope:

Celebrating Joe & Linda Markee:

Meet the Board:

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