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Markee Legacy Project

The Story of Hope

 Posted October 2023

Video Overview of the Markee Maternity Center

Watch this four-minute video and rejoice with us as we celebrate the opening of the Markee Maternity Center!

Video credit: Kalister Harmon at KALIMA12

Posted September 2023

A Dream Becomes a Reality

The Markee Maternity Center is complete and open to care for mothers and babies!

The dream to reality took only twenty-seven months!


The Clinic of Hope Annex was enlarged and repurposed to create the Maternity Center and provide life-saving care to mothers and babies. All of this took place while Haiti was experiencing great difficulties. God brought this dream to reality and we give Him praise.

We are thankful for those who faithfully prayed for and supported the Markee Legacy Project and the work of HFH. We are thankful for those in Terre Blanche who are faithfully doing the work. Together the love of Christ is being demonstrated and shared in Terre Blanche and surrounding communities . . . and mothers and babies will receive the care they need.

Posted January 2023

Maternity Center Construction Update

It is the beginning of 2023 and we are pleased to report that the Markee Maternity Center is well on the way to being finished. We are hopeful it will be finished by the end of February but we always leave room for unexpected events.

Getting materials has been a challenge but most of the needed materials are now on-site. It is exciting to see items checked off the to-do list:

Here is a list of some of finishing touches in process or ready to be done using the materials already on-site:

During this construction/remodeling time, rooms inside the Clinic Annex have continued to be used as normal for the Clinic of Hope’s work. Mothers have been attended by Haitian nurse-midwives and babies have been born. Everyone knows that the construction noise around them is leading to a beautiful and safe place to provide care for mothers and babies.

Pastor Delamy says, “We cannot serve in the way we are doing through this very difficult time in Haiti without God through you. Thank you. Your prayers and your encouragement continue to be the most important.”

We are thankful for the support, prayers and interest in the Markee Maternity Center and we look forward to celebrating its completion in the near future. We will continue to post updates.

Posted October 2022

Maternity Center Construction Update

It is hard to believe that we are almost three months out from the official announcement naming the maternity center the Markee Maternity Center.

Because of the generosity of so many people, the maternity center was fully funded in July. At that time, Pastor Delamy set into motion a plan to hire the construction team, purchase the available materials and begin construction.

As of the beginning of October, here is a progress update as the Clinic of Hope Annex is being enlarged and repurposed to create the Markee Maternity Center.

This is great news, as the team in Terre Blanche wasted no time in getting construction underway in July.

Pastor Delamy reports, “We are over 70% finished with the construction.”

Unfortunately, because of the issues with violence and lack of fuel in Haiti at this time, the construction is on pause until the situation improves. As important as the maternity center will be, the safety of those working on the project continues to be a priority.

In the meantime, planning for the final stages is underway and when the opportunity arises, the construction crew will work quickly to complete the project.

Pastor Delamy and the HFH board are thankful for all the prayers and support and we will continue to provide updates as construction moves forward.

From Donn Raymond, for the HFH Board

(Photos taken in July – much more progress since then.)

Posted August 2022

Note from Joe and Linda Markee

Dear Friends,

We are filled with love and joy! Seeing this dream of a maternity center become a reality amazes us!

God has put together a fantastic team with all the talents and money needed to build something that will make a difference in this part of Haiti where there are many vulnerable people.

We are overflowing with gratitude to all our partners!

Linda and Joe Markee

Posted August 2022

Maternity Center Fully Funded – Thank you!

With great joy and gratefulness, we confirm that the Markee Legacy Project has been fully funded. Thank you for your generosity and love!

Untold numbers of mothers and babies will thrive where once they would have suffered complications and loss in the rural mountainside community of Terre Blanche. This is a dream come true for Dr. Joe and Linda and all of us who share in this mission.

May God bless you beyond measure for your compassion that drives such generous giving. All honor and glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


The Medical Committee in Terre Blanche chose the name MARKEE Maternity Center. The plaque they designed reads: “This building is dedicated to Papa Joe and Mom Linda for what the Lord has done through their faithful service.”

There was a ceremonial presentation of the plaque to Joe and Linda. The plaque will travel to Terre Blanche and be displayed on the building to greet all who enter.

Posted June 2022

Maternity Center Matching Gift Challenge Update


WOW! We are blown away by your response and generosity. We are pleased to share that we have completed the matching gift challenge and then some! In fact, we have surpassed our goal! Thank you for dreaming big with us and responding in sacrificial generosity.

As a reminder, gifts that go above and beyond our goal for the Maternity Center will be used to care for mothers and their babies into the future.

With a grateful heart, Katie Thom, HFH Board President 






Excitement is growing in Terre Blanche. Earlier, this month, in anticipation of God providing all the funds for this much needed Maternity Center, building materials were being gathered and ground has been broken.

Just as many different materials are needed to complete this Maternity Center, it takes many individuals to help meet the goal.

Thank you for your prayers, for giving, and thank you to our dream-big-friends who offered the matching gift challenge. Each one of you has taken us over the top and we are grateful.

We will continue to post updates as the Maternity Center moves forward.

Posted May 2022

Matching Gift Challenge

Friends of Joe and Linda and HFH, who like to dream big, have offered a matching gift challenge during the month of June 2022.

This means your gift to the Markee Legacy Project will be doubled. We invite you to join us in this challenge. You would be honoring Joe and Linda and making a lasting difference in maternal health in Terre Blanche.

We are excited and grateful to report that since we started sharing about the Legacy Project we are at 67% of our goal! Your gift that is matched in June 2022 could put us over the top.

If you are ready for the challenge – click here to double your donation June 1-30, 2022.

We will continue to share updates on the Legacy Project – keep checking back.

Posted March 2022

Legacy Project Chosen

The HFH board, Joe and Linda Markee and the Medical Committee in Terre Blanche have decided on the Markee Legacy Project: We are excited to announce a Maternity Center will be established to honor the Markee’s legacy. In Terre Blanche, the Clinic of Hope Annex will be enlarged and repurposed to create a Maternity Center to provide healthcare for pregnant women.

Here are a few reasons why a Maternity Center:

The Markee Legacy Project fund is accepting donations now. We will continue to share information as this project develops.

Posted April 2021

Faithful Founders

Joe and Linda Markee are the faithful founders of Haiti Foundation of Hope. In recent years, they have trained other leaders so they could step off the board and into new roles as Founder Emeriti. They remain part of HFH.

With the Markees role change, HFH enters into a new chapter and each board member has taken on more leadership and responsibilities. The board has been working on a new strategic plan that centers on our core values as we move forward into this next chapter.

The board is working to create a future legacy project to honor Joe and Linda and their faithfulness. Begin praying if God would have you be a part of this project. We will keep you updated as we have information.

Posted February 2021

Moving Forward into 2021:

We hope you have had a chance to view the Revisioning videos we posted in November 2020 (see videos below). The videos highlight some of the issues that have prompted us to ask foundational questions of our board: the political unrest in Haiti over the past few years; Joe and Linda Markee’s transition into founder emeritus roles; and the impact of COVID-19 (both here and in Haiti).

The main question is “what will the next chapter of Haiti Foundation of Hope look like?” This question will not be answered overnight but we desire to keep our partners informed as we move forward. We want to take a moment and let you know where we have been and to let you know what we are pursuing as we enter into the next chapter of HFH.

The past 6 months:  Haiti Foundation of Hope has a strong history of providing hope to our Haitian friends and partners in Terre Blanche. HFH continues to strengthen that base as we participate in the amazing work God has planned. As HFH enters into the next chapter, each board member has taken on more leadership and strengthened their roles and responsibilities. HFH is starting 2021 strong.

Markee legacy project:  God has used the faithfulness and dedication of Joe and Linda Markee to change the lives of many people in Haiti and here. In the near future, we seek to honor them by completing a project in their name. The HFH board of directors is praying for wisdom for such a project and will keep you informed as things become clear. Please join us in praying for wisdom in how we can best honor Joe and Linda. The board also asks that you begin praying if God would have you be a part of this project.

The next 6 months:  There are six core values that drive the ministry of HFH: Committed to Christ, Participatory Learning, Local Ownership, Relationships, Integrity and Sustainability. The board is using these core values to create a strategic plan for the next chapter of ministry in Terre Blanche. One example is determining what future teams to Haiti look like. Typically, we send four to five medical teams to Haiti each year. Due to civil unrest in Haiti, all teams in 2019 and 2020 were canceled. As the Clinic of Hope thrives under Haitian leadership, should our future teams continue to be only medical teams or do we participate in different areas? This is one example of the many decisions the board needs to make.

What we know now:

Pray for the HFH board as we work on the strategic plan for our next chapter. God is on the move and it is our desire to seek Him for wisdom and join Him in what He is doing.

Posted November 2020

The year 2020 has been full of challenges and changes and Haiti Foundation of Hope is no exception. These challenges have caused us to ask big questions about what Haiti Foundation of Hope will look like in the future. Some things have become clear while other questions the Lord has yet to answer. Regardless, the Lord has been faithful to lead us well during this challenging season and we are excited about what He is going to do.

To help tell this story of hope, we have produced a series of videos.

The Story of Hope:

Celebrating Joe & Linda Markee:

Meet the Board:

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