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Medical Conferences

Providing Continuing Education

Like Water on Parched Earth

Haiti Foundation of Hope has always felt that medical education is extremely important. In 2009, HFH held its first conference for medical professionals who work in northern rural Haiti.

Terre Blanche is off the main road and getting there can be a challenge. Many attendees travel 2-3 hours or more to participate. There were 30 participants in 2009. After years of growth, there were 250 medical professionals at the 2019 conference.

February 15, 2020 is the date for the tenth medical conference at the Clinic of Hope in the rural village of Terre Blanche. The conference will be held during the time when HFH brings two medical teams to Terre Blanche.

Over the past nine years, more than 45 medical topics have been presented by both American and Haitian colleagues.


Ongoing medical education is limited in Haiti so it is not surprising that one of the participants commented that these medical conferences are like water on parched earth.

HFH provides these annual conferences free of charge to participants. Through these medical conferences we provide education, encouragement and HOPE to Haitian medical professionals who are doing the difficult work of daily medical care and support of the people of Haiti.

Voices from the Conference

Dr. Laura Kuipers, an internist at Portland Providence Medical Center, has presented five times. She writes:

I’ve been practicing medicine for the past 13 years and have had the opportunity and responsibility to teach upcoming medical students, resident physicians and nurses.

 I consider this one of the most difficult and yet rewarding parts of my career. This opportunity to shape the learning and practice of new providers is something that Haiti Foundation of Hope puts great value on and I am so happy to partner with them on this.

The Medical Conference has been part of the team that I have served on for five years. We provide diverse, high quality, free education to the medical providers working in Haiti. American and Haitian experts lecture in a variety of fields.

 This is rewarding work and an opportunity to pay it forward.

Clinic of Hope staff are always involved in the medical conferences and they shared some of what the conferences mean to them. Some of the staff who provided insight to the work of the conference are Dr. Avril Dominique, Clinic of Hope Medical Sub Committee President; Dr. Emmanuel Mercier, Clinic of Hope Medical Director and Medical Sub Committee Vice President; and Ms. Fredeline, Clinic of Hope Principal Nurse.

How to Help

Would you consider making a tax-deductible donation to help provide lecture materials, meals and travel expenses for Haitian providers for these one-day medical conferences?

The cost per person is $20. Would you consider sponsoring one, two or more Haitian medical professionals? HFH is anticipating about 250 participants for 2020 and has set a goal of $5,000 to fund the conference.

A gift of any amount will make a difference. You can make an online tax-deductible donation of any amount directly to Haiti Foundation of Hope.


Thank you for helping to provide continuing medical education for Haitian medical professionals.

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