We fund primary school education, supplement staff salaries, subsidize secondary education, and…

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We support a permanent medical clinic, collaborate on a clean water project,…

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community health

We empower the communities we support to increase their education, health, and…

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economic development

We provide adult education, resources and local employment to support self-sufficiency.

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Throughout the year we send medical teams to rural Northern Haiti to…

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About Us

Addressing Needs in Northern Haiti

Libonet 02-16 editOur Mission

Haiti Foundation of Hope is a Christian organization addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people in the impoverished and underserved rural communities of northern Haiti.

Core Values

Committed to Christ – We are committed to all the teachings of Christ, caring for the whole person (physical, spiritual, emotional, material). We recognize our own brokenness and need for transformation, acknowledging that true change comes from Christ alone.

Participatory learning – We collaborate with our Haitian partners in the spirit of mutual learning. We use participatory processes in all our work.

Local ownership and initiative – Our work is led by local Haitian leaders. We rely on local expertise and resources before bringing in outside assets.

Relationships – We honor our relationships with Haitian leaders and their community members as well as our donors and volunteers. We seek to create opportunities for generational change within the communities we serve.

Integrity – We act as effective stewards of God’s resources entrusted to us. We seek to make decisions and work in a way that is transparent to others in the spirit of grace and truth.

Sustainability – We discern financial decisions keeping HFH’s current and long-term capacity in mind. We value funding efforts that encourage sustainability and build local capacity. We prioritize development over relief.

Where We Work

Northern Haiti is a poverty-stricken region where malnutrition, intestinal parasites, malaria and other infectious diseases run rampant and where there was once no medical care. This remote area struggles with the extremes of drought and flooding. There has never been electricity, potable water, a national school system or a viable economy. Christian witness was absent until 1995.

As a result of our work with in-country partners, the communities in this region now have consistent medical care, a growing school system and other life-changing programs. The local church is rising up to care for its own community. Together we are making a difference.

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