A Young Patient in Need

February 6, 2008

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From Haiti, written by Sarah Case, Jan/Feb 2008 team:

Some days are more stressful than others. This morning felt calm and (dare I say) predictable; Dr. Joe was heard complaining that he hadn’t had any “interesting” cases yet. As is usually the case, the afternoon brought more than its share of activity.

We had a young mother deliver her first child in the clinic — a 7½ pound healthy girl. Just after this precious one entered the world and before the nurses had finished the post-natal cleanup, a man ran into the clinic carrying a limp, unconscious 5-year-old boy. The boy had apparently been caught in a rope trailing behind a mule and had been dragged for a ways. He had a concussion and deep lacerations to his head. Doctors Eric and Dan, flanked by several assistants, went to work cleaning and irrigating the wounds and sewing him back up. Beau sat with the boy’s grandmother and held her hand as the doctors worked steadily.

For those of us outside the treatment room, it seemed like forever before we got word that the boy would be ok. We are so thankful that due to skilled doctors, good supplies and God’s timing we were able to be here to attend to this little one during a time of crisis.

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