All in a day’s work

Clinic staff provide care around the clock
October 29, 2016

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img_8970We’ve been reminded again of the extraordinary work that goes on at the Clinic of Hope when our American volunteers are long gone and the Haitian staff continue to look after those in need. Often the care they provide saves lives.

Earlier this week, two motorcycles were in a terrible accident near the clinic. Motorcycles are commonly used as taxis in Haiti and often riders travel bumpy and unmarked roads without helmets. This accident involved five people. Fortunately, two doctors, a midwife and nurse were at the clinic and able to care for the injured people. One of the people was hurt badly and was sent to a hospital in a nearby city.

That same day, sometime around midnight, a young girl was brought to the clinic from a nearby village. She was extremely ill and was suspected of having cholera. A nurse and midwife were still at the clinic compound and worked through the night to keep the girl alive. In the early morning, she was taken to the hospital.

It wasn’t long ago that this area had no regular medical care. Today, not only is there a clinic building but it is staffed with intelligent, hardworking and caring medical personnel.

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