An Innovative Response

Challenges of 2020
December 15, 2020

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Through all the challenges of 2020, our Haitian partners have kept the Clinic of Hope open, providing essential healthcare and HOPE to all who come.

In partnership with the Clinic of Hope staff, the community health volunteers have continued to serve their neighbors and identify those who are in the most need. The villages of Dubedou and Mammel are among the neediest in the community health program.

In response to this need, the Clinic of Hope staff, led by Dr. Montumaire, organized an Open Door Clinic. This clinic was held at the church in Dubedou on November 7. A total of 118 adults and children received care that day. Every patient was given rice and some were also given beans, according to their need.

The Haitian team consisted of two physicians, two nurses, two lab technologists and one social worker. Madam Pastor Elvire and Lawrence were there to help oversee this mobile clinic while Belina and her team prepared a meal for the workers.

This was the second outreach clinic organized by our Haitian brothers and sisters this year. HFH is so grateful for the compassionate and innovative response to the challenges of 2020.

We are also grateful for your continued generous and sacrificial giving which helps make this possible.

by Katie Thom, HFH board president

Some of these Clinic of Hope staff set up a one-day Open Door Clinic in Dubedou.

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