Another Storm Strikes

September 7, 2008

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Hurricane Ike this weekend became the fourth major storm to hit Haiti in less than a month, causing more damage and taking more lives.

Just four years ago Tropical Storm Jeanne killed some 3,000 people in the city of Gonaives and devastated the region. Damage caused by this year’s storms is said to be as bad or worse than what occurred in 2004.

It still remains unclear how many people have died due to the recent tropical storms and hurricanes. But it is certain that thousands of people are now in need of help. Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, has been struggling with skyrocketing food prices, and now food has become more scare. To compound that problem, rice fields in the Artibonite Valley have been destroyed in the floods.

As the storm season passes and the rebuilding of lives begins, we will continue to assist those in need. Please consider joining us in that task — helping to piece lives back together — by giving a tax deductible contribution to support the ongoing medical, education, employment and community health programs of Haiti Foundation of Hope working in rural northern Haiti.

Thank you for taking an interest in what’s happening in Haiti. We are keeping Haiti in our prayers as well as the many other countries and communities being affected this hurricane season.

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