A girl and two boys
March 26, 2021

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Healthy babies and moms are always good news! In the space of 24 hours three babies were born at the Clinic of Hope.

Baby #1  –  Monday evening we received an email from Pastor Delamy asking us to pray for a woman who had returned to the Clinic of Hope to deliver her baby.

Madam L. had traveled to Terre Blanche in a very hard rain from a town that has a hospital. She knew the excellent reputation of the Clinic of Hope and chose to seek medical care there. Madam L. was under the care of Miss Charles, the nurse-midwife, who was joined by other nursing staff. Dr. Montumaire, OB-GYN, was available if needed for the delivery.

We received word the next morning that Madam L. delivered a healthy baby boy and both were doing well. Baby items were given and Madam L. was told that people in the U.S. were praying for her during this time.

Baby #2  –  Tuesday afternoon we received news that Miss Charles had another delivery. This time a baby girl was born. Mom and baby are healthy. They returned to their home in Terre Blanche with baby items and food from the food distribution made possible through supporters of HFH.

Baby #3  –  Another baby was born Tuesday afternoon – a boy. Mom and baby are doing well and returned to their home in Tête Canal.

Pastor Delamy said, “The reputation of our Birth Center is spreading. Glory to God!”

Linda Markee remembers talking with Madam Elvire before HFH and the Clinic of Hope were realities. Medical teams provided the only medical care in this area, and that was just once a year. Madam Elvire shared, with great emotion, “But you never see all the babies that die when you are not there.”

We are thankful for the pre-natal care, the nurse-midwife, medical staff, the Medika Mamba program and the community health volunteers who now help ensure that babies have a chance to live.

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