Changes Over the Years

October 9, 2015

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Linda2 12-09Celebrating our 10-year anniversary has given us a chance to reflect on the changes in Terre Blanche and the surrounding areas. It also gives us hope and excitement for the future. Join us for the changes ahead.


10 YEARS AGO, the only health care was provided by visiting medical teams four times a year.

TODAY, the Clinic of Hope is open year-round and staffed by Haitian medical professionals.

Haitian volunteers with the Community Health Program visit neighbors and host events to educate their communities and prevent health problems.


10 YEARS AGO, the school was growing in size from the original 65 students in 1996.

TODAY, there are over 900 students, including secondary school.


10 YEARS AGO, there was no economic development aside from subsistence farming and days at the market.

TODAY, 55 women have graduated from the trade school while dozens of people participate in the micro-loan program.

Drip irrigation is being explored by farmers. Other community members are employed at the clinic and school.


The church has continued to grow, moving into a larger building and providing the community with hope.

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