Christmas Comes Early

Families receive suprise care packages
December 6, 2016

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people-w-giftsChristmas came early for families in a remote area of northern Haiti.

Recently, Pastor Delamy’s wife, Elvire, and others from the church in Terre Blanche visited villages high in the mountains to identify families who were most in need.

This past week, those families and others in need, including many pregnant women, were given care packages at the church in Dubedou. There were 224 people who received gifts.

The packages included rice and beans, cooking oil, hand washing soap, a bottle of a water purification product, and a tote bag for going to market.

The gift was unexpected to those who came to the church that day. “They were surprised,” Pastor Delamy said. “They did not know they were invited for food distribution. It was like heaven on the earth for them.”

giftsMore gift distributions are planned for other nearby communities.

Thank you for your generous donations which make these events possible. You make a difference.

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