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Haitian OB-GYN
January 24, 2020

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In addition to the wonderful staff at the Clinic of Hope there are others who volunteer their time and expertise.

Please meet Dr. Jean Rodez Montumaire, an OB-GYN who lives and works in Gonaives. For several years he has been volunteering one day a week in the Clinic of Hope. He continued to come even during the past six months when there were gas shortages and definite travel risks in the area.

His professionalism was demonstrated recently when he ran out of fuel on his way to the clinic. He called his wife and asked her to bring him enough fuel for travel to the clinic and back to his home. She did and Dr. Montumaire continued on to work in the clinic.

Dr. Montumaire is qualified to perform OB-GYN ultrasound exams. This provides a very important service for the clinic patients. He is the first Haitian OB-GYN that has worked regularly in the Clinic of Hope.

Recently, he also joined a 15-member team of Haitian medical professionals who held a week-long clinic in the remote village of Anse Rouge. Dr. Montumaire provided many ultrasound exams while he was there.

Thank you so much, Dr. Montumaire, for what you are doing for the people of Haiti! The Clinic of Hope is a better institution because of people like you!

by Dr. Joe Markee, HFH board member

Meet Dr. Jean Rodez Montumaire, an OB-GYN who volunteers time at the Clinic of Hope.

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