Clinic of Hope’s 14th Anniversary

Letter to the staff
February 21, 2021

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Linda and Joe Markee (Founder Emeriti) wrote a letter of encouragement and commendation to the Clinic of Hope staff on the Clinic’s 14th anniversary. Below are excerpts from that letter:

Dear Friends,

Today we are remembering February 2007. We were preparing to join you in Haiti for the dedication and opening of the Clinic of Hope. That was 14 years ago. How we wish we could come and join you today and celebrate God’s faithfulness to His work.

Clinic of Hope – the first week with many patients waiting outside.

Next month it will be two years since we have been with you face to face and worked together. Please know that we pray daily for each of you.

These are difficult times. COVID has brought much stress to life, but in your country the violent demonstrations are unparalleled in our lives. We know that each day brings challenges that neither Papa Joe nor I can imagine. We applaud your perseverance and determination to carry on, to give your best, to love and care for some of the neediest in the area.

We know that it is difficult for all of you, but you are a team. A team fueled by the Spirit of the Lord. A team fueled by the compassion and love of Jesus Christ. A team that has the prayers of many American partners behind you.

During the 2007 dedication of the Clinic of Hope, one of our translators said. “Where there was no Hope, now we have Hope! Yes, Hope!” This is still true today. We praise God for each of you and your part in helping to bring Hope to Terre Blanche! God bless each of you.

We love you dearly.  Mom Linda & Papa Joe

The original clinic staff. We say, congratulations to Mme. Cetoute, Mme. Elysee, Mme. Suzette and of course Pastor Delamy for their continued service over these 14 years. Mme. Pastor Elvire should be in this picture, too. They have never stopped working or left. You are all amazing.

The team of Americans and Haitians who worked tirelessly all week together and set the standard of excellence in all we did.

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