Construction and Repair

Painting with a Passion
March 10, 2019

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Elize paints with passion.

There are two newly constructed buildings at the Clinic of Hope and Elize has been painting with passion to add the finishing touches.

Work is also being done on the staff dorm at the clinic. The dorm was damaged in the October 2018 earthquake that struck northern Haiti. The building is being repaired and reinforced.

The Haitian civil engineer overseeing the project says the construction is going well. The two buildings are part of the new tuberculosis treatment center and are a lab and separate consultation room. They are almost complete and ready to use.

These construction and repair projects also provide jobs for local people. Ninety-five percent of the workers are local, including some students from the Terre Blanche school. Elize is one of these local workers.

May all our work be done with the passion seen in the clinic construction and painting.

Tuberculosis lab – before paint.
Tuberculosis lab – after paint – just the door to finish.
Tuberculosis consultation building.
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