COVID-19 Impact in Terre Blanche

Low infection rates in the community
January 8, 2021

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Over the past 10 months, as we’ve watched the spread of COVID-19, a large portion of our hearts and prayers have been with our Haitian family in Terre Blanche. We have had many concerns about how the pandemic would impact Haiti because the country does not have the infrastructure to handle a major outbreak.

We praise God that as of January 2021 there has not been a major outbreak and cases and deaths have been low throughout the country. We see this as nothing short of a miracle. Please join us in praying for this continued blessing.

We will continue to post pictures of church activities, celebrations and open door clinics from Terre Blanche and the surrounding communities. In most of these pictures people are not wearing masks or physically distancing. This is because the incident rate of COVID infections is low and because events are happening outdoors or in well-ventilated areas.

Our Haitian staff cares greatly about the people they serve. They are taking the correct precautions in wearing masks appropriately during clinic visits and when they visit large populated areas like Port-au-Prince.

We ask you to celebrate with us the kindness of God as He continues to protect Haiti. And we ask you to pray with us that God would use Pastor Delamy and the Haitian staff to bring hope to the people in rural northern Haiti.

by HFH Board of Directors

Clinic of Hope staff and others who held an Open Door Clinic in a nearby community.

Patients waiting to be seen at an Open Door Clinic held in December.


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