January 16, 2024

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After my last trip to Terre Blanche in 2019, I purchased a few early reader books in Creole so that I could continue to practice and add to my vocabulary and skills. The other day, as I was missing Haiti (the people, the culture, the language), I pulled this little book off the shelf and read through it.

In this book, the phrase “I dream to…” or “Mwen reve…” appears on each page with a different analogy. For example: standing tall like a palm tree, living proud like a rooster and having a kind voice like a cicada. As I read these pages, I was reminded of just how many dreams have been dreamed by the hundreds of children who have attended school in Terre Blanche.

Today, there are young adults who have graduated from the Terre Blanche school and are continuing to pursue their dreams of jobs in healthcare, engineering, teaching and more.

Thank you for your contributions, both in prayer and in funds, to help these dreams be realized.

As Haiti’s current situation remains unstable, I pray that the Lord would continue to protect these dreams and those of future generations in Haiti.

by Katie Thom, HFH board president


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