Drought and Storms: How to Help

September 4, 2012

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Dry riverbed in Terre Blanche.

From the September 2012 newsletter:

When Tropical Storm Isaac hit Haiti, the area of Terre Blanche and the surrounding region was already suffering due to an ongoing drought. Pitimi (the Creole word for millet) is the main staple of food for the people of Terre Blanche. With a short growing season, pitimi is the most popular food source. In a good year, pitimi can be harvested three times (winter, fall and spring).

An ongoing problem in Terre Blanche is the reoccurring cycles of drought, often followed by flooding. Due to drought, the last three crops never reached maturity. Now, there is a food emergency. Tropical Storm Isaac’s destruction has made this dire situation even worse. Isaac has destroyed even the small home gardens.

How to Help – Give Now

School starts this month and, with the help of our donors, all the children will receive a daily, nutritious meal. Haiti Foundation of Hope works with Haitian partners to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people living in the impoverished, rural areas of northern Haiti. In doing so, HFH helps people to help themselves to recover from the cycles of drought and flooding.

It is easy to forget Haiti without high publicity disasters catching our attention on the news.

But the need continues long after the world stops watching.

Would you consider becoming a regular monthly or quarterly donor to help people in Haiti build resiliency?

THANK YOU to all those who regularly give to Haiti Foundation of Hope or support our work through prayer.

DONATIONS of any amount can be given to the school lunch program, community health program, ongoing rice and beans fund, the greatest need, or many other programs. A gift of $50 will purchase a large bag of beans or rice. (Learn more about gift options through our Gift Catalog.)

Gifts can be made online, or you can send a check payable to Haiti Foundation of Hope, P.O. Box 61941, Vancouver, WA 98666.

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