Encouraging Mothers in Haiti

May 6, 2011

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A mother comes to the Clinic of Hope to get help for her child.

This is the time of year when we celebrate mothers. Haiti Foundation of Hope has a number of ongoing programs that can provide encouragement to mothers living in rural northern Haiti, a place where a mother’s struggle can sometimes be providing food for her children.

Please consider supporting those living in Haiti with a donation to one of the programs below or use our Gift Catalog to purchase a Mother’s Day gift:

Women’s Trade School — The women’s trade school is a three-year program that offers women an opportunity to learn skills such as sewing, cooking, childhood development, nutrition, health and etiquette.

Community Health The community health program is mobilizing, training, and supporting local volunteers to reduce deaths from childhood diarrhea, maternal complications and malnutrition.

Beans and Rice In a country where many people struggle to have enough to eat, a gift of beans and rice can make all the difference. The food is distributed to individuals and families most in need.

School Give a mother the peace of mind that her children are gaining an education and receiving a school lunch each day. The school in Terre Blanche has 820 pre-kingergarten, primary and secondary students and a staff of caring teachers and administrators.

Medical Clinic — Earlier this year, we celebrated the four-year anniversary of the opening of the Clinic of Hope. While the battle against illness, disease and malnutrition continues, we are grateful that the clinic is there to provide year-round health care. We are also thankful that its services have expanded to include programs such as community health and the distribution of Medika Mamba, a fortified peanut butter for children suffering from malnutrition.

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