Failing Crops

February 5, 2015

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We recently learned that about 80 percent of the farm crops have failed in Anse Rouge, a rural community where we work in northern Haiti. This is due to drought conditions. Anse Rouge, along with Terre Blanche and other nearby communities, constantly struggle with drought and flooding, both of which destroy gardens planted by local subsistence farmers.

When crops fail, the daily struggle for food becomes critical. We are fortunate that so many of you give to the school in Terre Blanche, where each student receives a healthy lunch. Through your financial support, we are also able to provide beans and rice to the individuals and families in the communities who are most in need.

We have two volunteer medical teams traveling to Haiti in February and March. They will have the opportunity to distribute additional beans and rice as there will be more team members, both Haitians and Americans, working in the communities. You can be part of the team from your own home or office. Consider giving a financial donation so that teams will have more funds and be able to purchase more food to be distributed. These teams know that without food, medicine will not be enough. And while we can’t all treat illnesses, we can all share a meal.

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