Feeding Kids All Year

May 23, 2011

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(June 2011 Newsletter) The school year is coming to an end but for children at the school in Terre Blanche, Haiti, activities will continue into the summer. One of these important activities is lunch. For many of the students, the school lunch is their only meal of the day.

Thank you to our supporters who have generously donated to our school and lunch program over the years.

Before 1995, there were no educational opportunities in Terre Blanche and now there are young people who have dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers and nurses, all contributing members of society. In a place where once the only work available was subsistence farming, it’s exciting to see children with such great dreams.

Letters to Haiti

A group of students from a high school in Gresham, Ore., is getting involved with Haiti. They have been exchanging letters with students in Terre Blanche, which has been a great learning opportunity for everyone.

How to Help Students in Haiti

You can provide children in Terre Blanche with an education by helping to pay for books, uniforms, lunches and teacher salaries. Donations can be made online.

Watch a video to learn more about the school in Terre Blanche.

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