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Addressing Hypertension
June 13, 2022

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Linda Markee, HFH Founder Emerita, writes:

This photo makes me so happy!

Why? Because I see Haitian health providers from the Clinic of Hope doing what HFH medical teams could not do to address hypertension. Although HFH medical teams identified many villagers with hypertension, we could not come up with a successful plan to help patients understand the danger to their health.

Now, the Haitian staff at the Clinic of Hope is using their own initiative to address this problem. May 17 was World Arterial Hypertension Day. The staff used this as a training day with the theme: “The Situation of High Blood Pressure in the Haitian Context” led by Dr. Marck-Edwidge Jadotte.

The following day, 36 home visits were made to screen for high blood pressures. Thirteen people were identified as hypertensive. 

How thankful I am for Dr. Jadotte, his leadership and the care and skills he has brought to the Clinic of Hope.

Page one of the PowerPoint presentation.

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