God is Good All the Time

February 4, 2022

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God is good even in the midst of trouble.

On one of my first trips to Haiti, Pastor Delamy told me, “God is good all of the time.”

I have used this term many times myself, so I was touched that both of us use the same term to describe our thankfulness in this way.

As we hear the news from Haiti, we know there are great problems in the country. But I am so thankful that God continues to carry out the work of Haiti Foundation of Hope in Terre Blanche.

Here are a few things (and there are many more) I’m thankful for:

There are so many good things that God is doing in the communities in Northern Haiti. I believe Pastor Delamy is right: God is good all the time. How can we not say that God is good all the time when we see all that He is doing?

We can certainly continue to pray for those in Haiti and I am thankful that I can help in some small way!

by Dave Ezell, HFH board member

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