Happy to be in school

Returning to normal
February 14, 2020

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The school in Terre Blanche remained open during the lock down in 2019 while many schools in Haiti had to close. However, the lack of fuel meant that teachers could not travel to this rural village. Volunteers stepped in to substitute with creative lessons for the students who came.

Now school is returning to normal. Teachers are able to travel to Terre Blanche once again because there is fuel in the gas stations. Students are happy to be in school with their friends and teachers and to continue their education.

Almost 1,000 students, pre-k through grade 12, are enrolled. The school year will continue into July due to the disruption of instruction time.

Please pray for political stability and safety in Haiti. Pray that the students can finish the school year without interruption.

You can help support the school in Terre Blanche: Support a primary student. Support a secondary student. Support a teacher. Help provide school uniforms or books. Help provide nutritious lunches.

The photos below were taken February 13.

Gathering before school.


Starting the school day with the flag raising.





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