Hard Work and Bugs

Finding Solutions
May 2, 2017

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By Ron Kinley, HFH board and team member:

One graduate of the Terre Blanche secondary school continues to be a great example of hard work and growing responsibility.

Libonet is a volunteer in the Community Health Program, identifying needs and directing his neighbors to solutions. He also makes himself available to help the clinic staff during team visits.

Libonet farms in his home village of Dubedou. In March we visited his garden next to his home to see the result of his work. Using the only tools available, he prepares the ground with a pick and hoe. For harvesting he uses a machete.

When discussing a problem with insects and methods for dealing with the problem he showed us a backpack hand sprayer he had acquired. The challenge is getting an effective product to spray on the bugs.

One inexpensive method is to spray soapy water on the insects. Before this team trip, with no specific idea in mind, I had packed a dozen packets of hand soap. Libonet now has a supply of soap to dissolve in water to use as an insecticide. I look forward to seeing him in November to find out how this method worked.

The picture above tells many stories: The latrine in the far background was built in conjunction with the Community Health Program; the foundation wall is the beginning of a hoped-for addition to his and his mother’s home on the right; and between the latrine and the foundation is a portion of his garden.


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