Hurricane Irma

Damage Report
September 17, 2017

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Haiti was spared a direct hit from Hurricane Irma earlier this month but there was still significant damage. In Terre Blanche the river rose and washed away farm land. The rain and wind destroyed all the crops that were still standing in the current drought. Many houses were damaged.

Pastor Delamy called a meeting of the 45 community health volunteers the day after Hurricane Irma passed through. The purpose of the meeting was to educate and encourage the volunteers as they reached out to their neighbors. They were instructed on the signs and prevention of cholera and given bleach to distribute to those in need. They were asked to fan out into all the surrounding villages to see if people needed help with health or lack of food, and also provide encouragement and knowledge that others care.

Thank you for praying and caring. We are thankful for donors who have made it possible for HFH to be in a position to help whenever a need arises. At least 170 families have received rice and beans due to this crisis. There will be ongoing needs as most families in Terre Blanche and surrounding villages rely on their small gardens for food and their livelihoods.

You can help by donating to Haiti Foundation of Hope with the money to be used where it’s needed the most during this difficult time or to a program of your choosing. All donations are tax-deductible and will be used to help people as the community moves forward.

Donate Now.

Our thoughts continue to be with those in other countries that suffered the worst of the destruction brought by Hurricane Irma.

Community health volunteers are mobilized and motivated.

This group from the church in Terre Blanche came together to fast and praise God for protecting them and sending Hurricane Irma away from Haiti. Pastor Delamy met with them and surprised them by distributing rice and beans. There was much thanksgiving because each family had a need for food.

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