New Staff at the Clinic of Hope

August 24, 2014

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“Sustainability” is a popular buzzword these days but also a central value to Haiti Foundation of Hope. We build financial sustainability into all our programs at some level, and recently achieved a new level at the Clinic of Hope (COH) in Terre Blanche, Haiti.

Carolyn, a member of a recent medical team to Haiti, assists Dr. Nixon in surgery. Dr. Nixon is one of the new staff members working at the clinic.

Last April Haiti’s Ministry of Health (MOH), in recognition of the high-quality health programming at the COH, asked to place seven government-paid health workers at the clinic for the purpose of treating HIV positive pregnant women. In addition to caring for those patients, the MOH agreed these full-time health workers could also work alongside COH medical staff to treat all patients at the COH.  With the addition of these seven new medical staff members we have more than doubled the number of professional staff at the clinic and therefore greatly increased our ability to reach those in need of medical care. We’ve also added a new nurse-midwife to provide additional maternity and prenatal services.

The new MOH staff at the clinic includes a medical doctor, two registered nurses, a lab technician, a social worker, a psychologist and an IT specialist.  The new team has integrated smoothly with the existing medical staff as well as our community health program, which focuses on health prevention in the communities, including HIV transmission from mother to child.

Haiti Foundation of Hope is proud of this significant increase in financial sustainability of the COH. In addition to these government-funded health workers, a portion of clinic funding comes from fees paid by those patients who are able.  HFH continues to support the clinic as well including contributing toward non-government funded medical staff, medications and equipment, and facilities.  The Clinic of Hope serves an area of more than 68,000 people so the needs for healthcare are immense. As our programs grow we are able to serve the communities of northern Haiti even more effectively.

Written by Beth Sethi, HFH board member.

The new staff members.

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