Parched Fields

March 2, 2010

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The February medical team has returned home safely. This report is written by team member and HFH board member Ray Van der Pol.

Walking through the parched fields of millet down by the river I was struck by the undeveloped heads of grain that lie on the ground. Only a few kernels were visible and they were too immature to harvest. The rest of the kernels never even developed due to lack of rain.

This is the third year in a row that the people in the Terre Blanche area have had no crops because of drought. Now many of them have additional mouths to feed, family members that have come to stay with them because they lost everything they had in the Port-au Prince earthquake. No wonder the people are so hungry. And people that don’t have adequate nourishment are more susceptible to illness.

Thanks to the generosity of individuals and churches in North America we were able to give rice and beans to everyone who came through the clinic. Even though everyone who wanted to be seen in the medical clinic was not, they know that there are caring national health care providers at the Clinic of Hope when the medical teams aren’t there.

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