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October 19, 2023

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Dr. Marck-Edwidge Jadotte is the assistant medical director at the Clinic of Hope. He has worked to bring Continuing Medical Education topics to the staff and others at the Clinic of Hope and in the Terre Blanche area.

Earlier this year, Dr. Jadotte presented on the topic of Violence Against Women in Haiti. This is the first time that I have heard this topic discussed in a medical presentation in Haiti.

Dr. Jadotte will sometimes bring out-of-area colleagues with him for presentations.

His presentations have included one to high school students on First Aid Care. Dr. Jadotte, also, shared a presentation on Diabetes and Hypertension in an effort to make an impact on these two diseases in the area.

On September 22, a training session on the Management of the Cholera Epidemic was offered at the Clinic of Hope by Dr. Jadotte. The objective was to strengthen the capacity of providers and community health volunteers to adequately manage cholera cases. Cholera has been a major health issue in Haiti since 2011 and, given the seriousness of this infectious disease, this topic was also discussed earlier this year. Along with Dr. Jadotte, Dr. Montumaire and Community Health Volunteers have also made many home visits to remote villages to share information on cholera prevention.

Dr. Jadotte with Cholera Management Presentation

Dr. Jadotte has been working at the Clinic of Hope for several years. He and his family live about 100 miles from Terre Blanche. For work, he stays in Terre Blanche and returns home about twice a month. His willingness to travel the long, difficult and dangerous roads in order to work at the Clinic of Hope is appreciated by all.

HFH is very thankful for Dr. Jadotte. He is a valued staff member at the Clinic of Hope, who encourages others and brings a heart for the health of Haitian people. His Continuing Medical Education topics for clinic staff and others are making a difference. Mesi anpil, Dr. Jadotte!

by Dr. Joe Markee, HFH Founder Emeritus

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