Providing Hope and Life

July 7, 2013

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The Haiti Foundation of Hope summer team is now back in the United States after preparing medications for over 1,100 patients, many of whom were extremely ill. The team members came from across the country.

Life, even in the face of death

Anelson, a 17-month-old weighing only 10 pounds, was brought in to the clinic by his distraught mother. He was close to death, unresponsive, dehydrated, and very limp. Thanks to the skills of a team doctor and nurses and other diligent team members, he slowly but definitely improved. They literally brought him back from the brink of certain death – but not without a huge amount of effort.

Anelson, his mother, and Nurse Sarah.

After several intensive days of treatment in our clinic observation room, we all experienced one of our week’s amazing moments. While we were assisting a clinic doctor with the delivery of a stillborn infant, we suddenly heard a loud cry near Anelson. It was the first time he was strong enough to cry! As we were delivering the stillborn infant, we took this cry as encouragement that Anelson would survive. This was truly life in the face of death. Such is the story of Haiti.


At our final team sharing, one of the doctors shared a wonderful moment that was almost missed. When he had finished examining and writing prescriptions for a patient, he said, “Bon Dye bené ou” (may the Lord bless you). The patient turned to the translator and solemnly said, “The doctor’s blessing he just gave me is more important than the medicines.”

We did not cure everyone we saw, but this team excelled in providing a very important part of health care to the patients that were seen. They gave HOPE.

Outside of clinic

Fortunately this team saw lush green fields with healthy crops. This is particularly a joy since it follows a year of drought and loss of crops. Please pray the rain continues and these crops grow to maturity and produce the greatly needed food for these villages.

Written by team leaders, Dr. Joe and Linda Markee.

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