Raising Hope: We’re Back

November 8, 2013

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And we’re back!

At one time or another each board member has traveled to Haiti, but we had never all gone at the same time. That changed in October 2013. We went together.

Seven current and past members of our board traveled by land and air to northern Haiti. We met with community health workers. We listened to mothers. We prayed with pastors. We played with children. We walked the fields with farmers. For what purpose?  To see and understand.

Since 2005, Haiti Foundation of Hope’s all-volunteer Board of Directors has worked to bring funding, technical support and administrative oversight to community leaders of Terre Blanche, Haiti.

Working side-by-side, we have established sustainable programs to address the causes of poverty in the region. Through our elementary and secondary schools, medical clinic, school lunch program, women’s trade school, community health program and micro-loans we have seen lives changed.

We each financed our own travel and before we left we invited our friends and family to consider supporting the programs we would visit.  We identified HFH programs close to our hearts and set goals.

Thank you to those who gave so generously to support the chosen programs. Your donations will allow HFH to continue to Raise Hope in the communities we serve. $20,010 was given towards our goal of $27,500. Thank you again for making a difference and raising hope.

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