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August 20, 2013

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Written by Steve Bressler, HFH board member:

I considered calling this article “Good News and Bad News for Giving.” The good news is that there have been no recent disasters affecting Haiti. But that means Haiti is off the radar, out of our thoughts and giving goes way down.

Yet the work continues in Terre Blanche at the medical clinic, the schools, the school lunch program and other activities.

I recently joined the Haiti Foundation of Hope board to assist in technical services (which includes lights, water, trucks, solar power, appropriate technology and more). Three things impressed and amazed me about HFH from the very beginning:

    So when you give to HFH, over 99 percent of your donation goes directly to the work being done in Terre Blanche in God’s name. Your donation can make a difference today. It provides food, medicine, job training and education. Your donation can also make a difference in the future.

    What does God have in store for those living in Terre Blanche? Because of your gift, students who receive a school lunch today may grow up to be pastors. Because of your donation to the school, students and teachers, you may be shaping the minds and hearts of Haiti’s future leaders. Because of your financial involvement, a community health worker may help save the life of a child who may grow up to be a doctor.

    My encouragement to you is to join in and make a difference today and into the future.

    Donate online today.

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