Remember Haiti in Prayer

Keep Haiti in Your Daily Thoughts
October 15, 2017

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When you sit down to pray for your own meal… Pray too for those children who eat healthy and nutritionally dense meals in the newly built school cafeteria. Pray for the patients at the Clinic of Hope who suffer from malnutrition.

When you drive from place to place and see a clinic or hospital… Pray for the staff at the Clinic of Hope that they would have the resources and wisdom to meet the needs of their patients.

When you slow down for the school zone… Pray for the students at the school in Terre Blanche. Pray for the teachers who educate these students and give them hope for the future.

When you turn on lights in your home… Pray for the children who seek light and hope for their lives as they go to school each day. Give thanks that special donations have provided a solar-powered light at the school so thatstudents can do homework even when the sun goes down. The school and the ongoing work at the clinic is a light in this corner of Haiti.

When you sit down in your church… Pray for the ministry of Pastor Delamy and Elvire. Pray for a daily renewal of strength and wisdom to do all that they are called to do.

When you are waiting to meet someone for coffee… Pray for Haiti Foundation of Hope. Pray for wisdom for the board members and team leaders. Pray that hearts would be moved to join you and your family to support this ministry. Pray for the people of rural Haiti who have daily struggles.

By Marissa Newby, HFH board member

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