Returning Home

October 28, 2008

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The October medical team has arrived home after 10 days of working and traveling in Haiti.We saw a lot and accomplished many tasks. Here’s a recap:

Clinic — We saw 1,170 patients during five days of clinic. We were told there might be fewer patients because travel has been difficult since the flooding and people have been more concerned about finding food, but the clinic stayed busy all week. Our team was made up of four doctors, four nurses and six others as well as many Haitian co-workers.

Rice —We gave out rice to all the patients who came through the clinic doors. We had wanted to give away beans as well but they were difficult to find. We were finally able to track down 15 bags of beans for the final day of clinic. During the week, we gave away 9,800 pounds of rice. Thanks to everyone who donated money for the purchase of rice.

Solar power — One of the team members and a couple Haitian co-workers installed solar panels at the clinic. The panels are up and running, providing enough power to run the clinic while the teams are gone and the staff is smaller. This will be a huge savings in money as fuel for the generator is especially expensive now.

School — We got to spend some time visiting with children at the school in Terre Blanche. For the first time, children are getting breakfast at the school in addition to lunch. This is because food has been difficult to find following the flooding.

Community — We spent lots of time talking with people patients, co-workers and neighbors about the recent hurricanes and flooding. We learned a lot about how difficult it is for people who have lost their gardens, livestock and belongings. The need is overwhelming.

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