Saving Lives

September 25, 2011

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A story about the life-saving help that community health volunteers and the staff at the Clinic of Hope are providing:

The community health volunteer along with the mother and baby.

Earlier this year, one of the community health volunteers working in Dubedou became aware of a laboring, pregnant woman with life-threatening complications. He contacted the doctor at the Clinic of Hope, who went immediately to the woman’s home. Once he saw her dangerous situation, he called another clinic worker to bring IV solution and medications, and then was able to deliver the baby. The mother and infant did well.

Without the doctor and the quick response by clinic workers, both the baby and mother would have died. The same might have been true without the community health volunteer who had been trained to recognize danger signs and get help.

The pastor working in the area says, “Many lives of mothers and babies are now being saved because of the education of the community health volunteers and pregnant women.”

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