School Update

October 8, 2008

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Because of the severe storms that hit Haiti in late August and September, the start of school was delayed. School in Terre Blanche was scheduled to begin Monday but has been postponed again. The plan is for the fourth, fifth and sixth grade students to begin Oct. 13. The secondary school students will return to class in early November. The startup date for the younger students is unknown at this time. The Terre Blanche school buildings survived the flooding while many of the nearby schools in Gonaives were damaged, destroyed or left full of mud.

Haiti Foundation of Hope helps to financially support the school in Terre Blanche where there are 800 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Students receive a noon meal each day. The feeding program has been going since 1996 and during that time students have said they can’t wait to return to school on Mondays because food at home is scarce. The program is even more important now that crops have been wiped out due to the recent storms. Food has become hard to find and prices continue to rise making it extremely difficult for many families to afford.

If you would like to help us feed children in Haiti during this coming school year, you can donate by clicking here.

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