Simple, but Joyful

June 14, 2009

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Written from Haiti:

Around 4:45am, we (the guys, the girls couldn’t wake up till 7) awoke to a beautiful glowing orange light that shone through the sky and into the bedrooms. After coffee and a group stretch on the roof and a quick instant oatmeal breakfast, we joined the people of Terre Blanche to worship God at Church…

After lunch we toured the surrounding area which included a visit to a neighbor’s newly built home, watching kids play in the river, a mango grove, and greetings from smiling children and residents. All in all, life here is simple, but joyful and we have felt extremely welcomed…

Tonight Justin performs for the people of Terre Blanche at an outdoor concert and tomorrow we will observe the medical clinic in action with Papa Joe and Dr. Janan.

More to come … Nou dwe ale (we have to go),

J & M

To read more and see pictures from J & M, members of the vision team in Haiti, check out their blog.

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