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Change Takes Time

Consider Giving

Libonet 02-16 editWritten by Ron Kinley, HFH board member:

During a recent team trip to Haiti, we visited six drip irrigation gardens that were the results of the week-long training provided 18 months ago. Drip kits were distributed to everyone who completed the training and they have been put to good use. Some of the gardens have already had two harvests resulting in a much-improved food source for these families.

Another area we support is the micro-loan program. During my two weeks in Haiti there was a lot of rain which was needed to end the drought. However, a planned meeting with a group of micro-loan borrowers had to be cancelled due to the extensive rains which made it too difficult for people to travel. These sessions are always a great opportunity to hear success stories and encourage entrepreneurs so I hope to reschedule a meeting during my next visit in June.

The big picture is that good things are happening with our work in Haiti. In the past I have asked for your help in supporting specific projects and you have responded in significant amounts. Today I am asking for your help in supporting the daily work of the overall effort in the form of monthly gifts to Haiti Foundation of Hope.

We are seeing good progress in education, medicine and economic development leading to long-term improvements in each village. But all of this takes time as families become self-sufficient. For that reason I am willing to be bold in asking you to seriously consider making a monthly gift to our work. The easiest way to do that is here on our website.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. You make the work of Haiti Foundation of Hope possible.

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