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Update: Good News for Anelson

Anelson today, a healthy and happy boy.

We love updates with good news. This is an update on Anelson, a 17-month-old boy who was close to death when he came to the Clinic of Hope in June. He weighed only 10 pounds and was unresponsive, dehydrated and very limp. With the care of visiting doctors and nurses, Anelson improved during the week that the June medical team was in Haiti.

The team’s care, round-the-clock feeding schedule and encouragement for Anelson’s mother to breast feed brought results, and the team was amazed at how good Anelson looked when they headed home at the end of the week.

Since the team’s departure the clinic staff has continued to care for Anelson. Mme Elvire and Mme Vilia visited Anelson’s home in the mountains. Two weeks after the medical team left, his mother brought him to the clinic. Today, he is a healthy and happy little boy.

It’s because of your support that we are able to help children like Anelson. Children, whose parents would have no hope without your involvement in Haiti. Please consider making a monthly donation to the Clinic of Hope to help children like Anelson.

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