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Running for HFH
April 19, 2017

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By Donnald Raymond, team member:

Let me explain: In 2013 I heard about Haiti Foundation of Hope. I decided that this might be something I would like to try – once! I filled out an application, was accepted and went on this “one-time-only” trip. A great decision.

Haiti Foundation of Hope does so much more than sending medical teams four times a year. HFH has literally changed lives. A school has been built, addressing the lack of education in rural areas. A year-round medical clinic has been established, serving the people of Terre Blanche and surrounding villages. Wells have been dug, supplying clean water and reducing disease. And there is so much more.

And so to explain why I am thankful. In September, along with my great friend Carrie, I decided to raise some funds to help the work of HFH by running a marathon in Haiti – Running for HFH. To say this took me out of my comfort zone would be making a supreme understatement. Asking my family and friends to donate money, to an organization they knew very little about, was difficult. But I did, and you gave. Openly, freely, generously, you gave.

Of course I had to run a marathon. A very difficult marathon I might add. It was a warm day. The course was extremely hilly. I think I ran up to heaven (twice), and was turned away. There were loads of animals (pigs, goats, cows, chickens), tons of people (I ran through a Sunday market), and a very congested road, dodging traffic. The course was poorly marked and the water stops rare but I was able to complete the course. And yet, I had the easy part. The fact that others donated to support an organization that I love – that was the hard part. That you cared enough to support my cause to help change lives in Terre Blanche – I  thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

My “one-time” trip has become an annual experience. A lifelong bond has been established and I cannot thank you enough for your support to HFH.

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