Waking to an Aftershock

January 20, 2010

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Aftershocks continue to rock Haiti. An aftershock with about 6.0 magnitude woke people in the city of Port-au-Prince this morning and created more fear among the injured and homeless.

Linda Markee, a board member for Haiti Foundation of Hope and a volunteer working in Port-au-Prince, writes: “We woke up to cries of ‘earthquake’… The women in my room saw the ceiling shaking as well as the top of the bunks… We all ran outside.”

Linda and the other volunteers went to the hospital where they have been working and were surprised to find all the patients, including those with amputations, outside. Everyone was afraid to be indoors. After some thought, the volunteers called everyone together to watch as they placed hands on the building and prayed for it. The medical volunteers are now back at work inside the hospital, continuing to care for the many patients they are treating.

Linda concludes: “Please pray for all of us.”

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