Witnesses to Hope

At the Clinic of Hope
November 28, 2016

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img_0997-2Christmas is a season of hope and there is no better place to see hope than at the clinic in Terre Blanche.

Recently, a mother came to the Clinic of Hope with two children, one of which was hydrocephalic (the child had swelling on the brain). The woman’s husband had kicked her and the children out of the home when he learned of the child’s condition. The woman was left with no resources.

Fortunately, not only was there competent medical staff at the clinic but M. Antoine Dominique was there. He is a social worker, a Christian, and a wealth of information. He was able to provide the woman and children help beyond medical care.

M. Dominique is one of several Haitian professionals assigned to the Clinic of Hope by the government’s ministry of health, which has recognized the outstanding work at the clinic. The location has been chosen for a tuberculosis clinic and an HIV diagnosis and treatment center. This includes social services, which are difficult to find in Haiti.

This is particularly exciting, as both tuberculosis and HIV are common illnesses among the poor. These Haitian employees are paid through the government but are under the supervision of the Clinic of Hope.

M. Dominique also provided help to a young man suffering from tuberculosis. He was carried into the clinic the first day that a visiting medical team was there. His blood sugar level was high but with treatment it came down and he started to look healthier.

One of the physicians on the team mentioned that the man might be depressed. M. Dominique was called in and he offered to meet with the young man regularly.

There is limited help like this in Haiti so we feel fortunate to have this expertise and resource in Terre Blanche.

Before the end of the week, the young man walked into the clinic to thank the staff for his care and he was smiling. We see hope for him.

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