Women’s Trade School 2022 Celebration

Reunion of WTS Graduates
June 9, 2023

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With no medical teams traveling to Haiti, there is time to evaluate if Haiti Foundation of Hope is making a difference in the lives of the people in rural northern Haiti where Terre Blanche is located.

The first HFH medical team in February 2006, coincided with the Women’s Trade School’s first graduation. The Women’s Trade School is a national three-year program where women learn skills in sewing, design, cooking, nutrition, early childhood development, decorating, hosting events and more. After three years of instruction and a week-long testing session, each graduate receives a certificate. Since 2006, there have been 99 graduates from the Terre Blanche School and, through the generosity of donors, HFH has gifted each graduate a treadle sewing machine – a tool for life.

First graduates of Women’s Trade School, February 2006.

To assess the value of this program, HFH collaborated with our Haitian partners to hold a reunion for all past graduates to celebrate and obtain information about where they are today. Over 50 women, ages 20 – 63, came to this reunion. These women were delighted to talk about the impact this program has had in their lives.

The surveys revealed some of the following:

We are thankful for the excellent leadership provided by Mme Elvire, head teacher Mme Alourde, and assistant teacher Mme Samantha. This program would not be possible without the continuity and mentorship these women bring to this program.

Thank you for helping these women by supporting the Women’s Trade School.  Please remember to pray for these lovely women. Your donations to this program continue to improve self-sufficiency, bring dignity to women and their families, and give hope in these difficult times in Haiti.

by Linda Markee, HFH Founder Emerita

WTS Leadership Team: (left to right) Mme Alourde, Mme Elvire, Mme Samantha

Six of the original graduates attended the reunion: (left to right) Julie Casar, Elvenia Cius, Roserna Charleus, Claumerne Celestin, Samantha Orivil, Ivanne Phanord

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