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Children enjoy fun books that teach healthy living
November 18, 2016

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Rosemyeth shows her coloring. Some of the healthy living lessons in the book are about the importance of wearing shoes and using a latrine.

Rosemyeth is 13 years old. She is the same age as my granddaughter so I feel a connection to her.

This past summer, Blessings International, a Christian pharmaceutical company that sells medications to international medical teams, gave us coloring books and crayons. The books teach about healthy living and are written in Creole.

On my recent trip to Terre Blanche, I gave the books and crayons to children who could read. I told them to return later and read to me.

Rosemyeth was the first to return. I listen to her read it several times (she reads well) and then asked her to go and read and teach other children about healthy living.

I’m particularly happy with Rosemyeth as I remember a time when no one could read in this remote region of Haiti. Whole families had no education. Now children are reading and will soon be the teachers!

Written by Linda Markee, HFH board member and team leader.

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