Part of Me Remains in Haiti

Team member reflects on returning to Haiti
November 16, 2016

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By Dave Zollner, team and board member:

As I headed home from my eleventh trip to Haiti, I began to wonder if I would return to Terre Blanche and if so, why?

What is it that has brought me there so many times? It certainly wasn’t a unique knowledge or expertise. Yet, in my heart I had a sense that I was intended to be there.

After an intense week of work in the clinic I felt a deep sense of belonging in Terre Blanche. These are my friends, people who I know and who know me. Year after year, we have greeted each other with increasing joy at the reunions on the evening we arrive – circling, holding hands, singing praise, and praying prayers of gratitude for a safe journey with hugs all around.

Leaving was bittersweet knowing that a part of me was still in Haiti. My Haitian friends (brothers and sisters) will await my return and we will again link arms to serve those who are among the poorest but sweetest.

The October medical team in Terre Blanche.

The October medical team in Terre Blanche.

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