A Happy Ending

March 18, 2010

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The March medical team has returned home after a week of treating patients at the Clinic of Hope and distributing rice and beans to everyone who came through the door. Thank you to everyone who supported the team.

Among the many patients seen by Haiti Foundation of Hope medical volunteers in recent weeks was a young girl named Francillien. She came to the Clinic of Hope with a keloid – or large scar – hanging from her ear and cheek. One of the doctors was able to remove it and after the surgery someone took her picture with the bandages on. She giggled and giggled. After the bandages were removed, the medical workers asked if she wanted to look in a mirror. Francillien said, no. One of the workers took her picture, held it at a distance, and with everyone admiring her, she finally looked at herself and giggled again. The workers covered her with butterfly stickers. She was happy.

One of the team members wrote: “This young girl (11 years old) never complained. She just came into the surgery room, very calm and trusting, and knowing she’d be better. She stole Dr. Joe’s heart, as well as the rest of the team … What a delight and encouragement for the team to see a happy ending and someone whose life has significantly changed.”

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