A Thursday Morning

October 31, 2020

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Thursday’s Rally Post at Finel.

October 29 was a Thursday morning. On that day a Rally Post was held at the church in Finel. Finel is one of the villages served by the partnership between Haiti Foundation of Hope and the Clinic of Hope.

These Rally Posts help identify severely malnourished children. When identified, these children are placed on the Medika Mamba program. Medika Mamba is a peanut butter supplement fortified with vitamins and minerals. A typical treatment program lasts 6-8 weeks with a child’s progress followed through these Rally Posts.

Pastor Delamy reports that people in the communities around Terre Blanche have not been able to harvest anything. This makes these Rally Posts and other food distributions critical.

HFH is grateful for the dedicated and professional staff at the Clinic of Hope and the Community Health volunteers who are saving lives through these Rally Posts.

Administrative Secretary Lawrence and Fredeline, R.N. weigh one of the children.

Pierre Valeris, a community health leader, records a child’s weight.

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