I Get It . . .

October 26, 2020

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Due to political instability and COVID-19, HFH medical teams have been on hold. However, HFH is pleased to report that the work continues. We praise God for the faithful leadership and dedicated staff and volunteers in Terre Blanche.

Those who have gone on past teams often recall their team experiences. Donn Raymond, HFH board member shares a recollection here.

Each time I have the opportunity to travel to Terre Blanche on a medical team, my mind is full of emotion. I remember my first visit and I was overwhelmed. Now I have gone numerous times and I know what to expect over the next ten days. I know it will be an exciting time for first-time team members.

I recall one person in particular. During the first couple of days in Terre Blanche, we were busy setting up the clinic and preparing to see our first wave of patients. Lots of chatter was heard. Many stories of past trips. Everyone had a first time story and the reasons they had returned.

Then out of the blue, a first time team member spoke up. She was actually disappointed that we were overstating our experiences and shared that it is unlikely she would feel the same. I was rather shocked to hear her speak out like this, but I realized she was probably right. We don’t all walk away with the same euphoric feeling.

Over the course of the week, I made the decision to keep in close contact with this teammate. We never discussed her previous statement, I only wanted to see that she survived the week. We visited each evening and discussed what she had experienced that day. I had hoped it would make her trip a little better.

And then it happened. Friday afternoon, she was working in the pharmacy with me. The clinic was crazy busy. The pharmacy was doing everything we could to keep up.

And then I heard her say very softly, “I get it.”

“Excuse me?” I asked.

She said, “I get it. I understand the impact we are making on their lives. I understand the impact it is making on mine.”

My heart beat a little faster. A grin came across my face. I didn’t say a word. She had said it all.

We do make a difference. It is life changing.

Daily school lunches continue. Team members get to see the cafeteria full of students eating a nutritious meal.

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