A Wedding Celebration

January 21, 2021

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Weddings are a time of celebration around the world. A sacred time of uniting two people. It is no different in Haiti.

There is a desire to get married, but weddings are expensive. Haitians love to go all out with decorations, food and dress. Much of the ceremony is like traditional American weddings. In addition, they often have dancers as part of the procession and during the ceremony.

People want to get married but are not able to afford the wedding celebration. With limited money, Haitians often end up living together without a wedding.

Madame Elvire has worked to solve this problem by providing dresses, accessories, cake, food and decorations. On Sunday, December 26, 2020, five couples were married simultaneously at the church in Dubedou. The church was decorated, the wedding party members looked wonderful in their wedding clothes and all those in attendance celebrated.

What a joyful way to end 2020 and begin married life!

by Linda Markee, HFH Founder Emerita

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